When the words and deeds rest on the line of honesty, there emerges a person of integrity…Wishing you a great week ahead.

Experience will lead to behavior changes if it is really anlysed and accepted….enjoy the Sunday with your family and friends….Good morning

23.04.2021, Friday

The Voice of the God’s Spirit is gentle and continuous whereas the evil appears louder and occasional…Beware of Your inner voice…Blessed Day

25.04.2021, Sunday

As the shepherd and sheep know each other of expectations and needs, so must be between parents and children, teacher and students, husband and wife etc…Wishing you a day of understanding and caring…Gd Mng

26.04.2021, Monday

Gd Mng…Beware of flatterers; they have hidden agenda. Better to appreciate the straight-forwarded stranger than to believe the double-tongued neighbour…Have a fruitful day

28.04.2021, Wednesday

Flexibility in body, mind and spirit creates a space for self adjustment and eventually leads to success…Gd mng…Lovely day

29.04.2021, Thursday

Success comes from strength and self control; it brings name and fame. Whereas fruitful living comes from within; it comes from weaknesses and vulnerability. It touches one another’s wound and brings joy to the both…Aspire to be fruitful than successful….Great day

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